According to Genesis 1:26-27 God has given man the potential. But because of sin, the potential of man has become stagnant. Sin prevents man from recognising and developing his own potential to the fullest. 


One of the ways to develop the potential in the Lord: 
Find strength in the worst.

Sometimes a bad situation can make people, including the believers, fearful, pessimistic and discouraged and even in panic. That happens with Elisa’s servant, who panics when faced with a very bad situation (2 Kings 6:15). 

  • Elisa restores the courage of his servant (2 Kings 6:16-17) 
    We can find strength in the worst situation by: 

  1. Prayer 
    If we are in doubts and in deep concern, we should bring our doubts and worries before God. Ask Him to open up our ‘spiritual’ eyes to see His help that is already there (Jeremiah 33:3). 

  2. Seek help from our spiritual mentor 
    When there are problems, do not distance yourself from the fellowship of God’s people. But get closer and ask for prayer support (James 5:14). 

  • What does God do for us? 

  1. His mercy  
    The Lord opens our spiritual eyes so that we can see and feel His presence in our lives. 

  2. The ability 
    God also opens up our eyes to see our talents and abilities that God has given us to overcome our problems (1 Corinthians 10:13). 

  3. His help  
    We will see that God is fighting for us. As we do our part, we will wait in silent confidence on God’s wisdom and help (2 Chronicles 20:21-22). 

  4. Wisdom 
    God will give us wisdom to act in line with His will, and to take decisions that are in accordance with His plan (Psalms 19:8-11 – EN). 


In His grace God has given us the potential. Let us developed it! 

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