Fullgospel Mission Church
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SENIOR PASTORS: Victor & vivie faraknimella

Both pastor Victor and pastor Vivie started their ministries at a young age. Pastor Victor was called to be a preacher, while pastor Vivie was a worship leader and preacher also. They served throughout all of Indonesia before they were called by God to move to the Netherlands. God placed them in Delft with the promise of Genesis 12:2, where they later built the church as pastors of Fullgospel Mission Church.



Pastor Victor and Vivie Faraknimella have been serving God's Church in Indonesia for many years, until He called them out to step into the unknown and plant themselves in the Netherlands. Starting their new journey in 1985 leading student gatherings on a weekday, they found themselves a home in Delft. Attracting many Indonesian students, God worked tremendously within the new-born community who subsequently shared the Gospel to many friends and family. Growth took place as small meetings turned into impactful gatherings, spreading God's fire throughout the city.

As the community kept growing, so did need for spirtual growth. In 1995 God's promise became clear and with Matthew 16:18-19 as foundation, the church was founded called 'Delft Christian Fellowship'.  Through His words and works the church grew in many aspects. More souls were saved and not only in Delft, as the church attracted more people throughout the country. The church established new congregations in serveral cities called Satellites.

In 2002 God introduced the Church to the G12 Vision (Government 12). With this the Church prepared themself to be a part of the big harvest of souls (John 4:35). With it's own vision 'Save the lost, no matter the cost', the church went through many great developments and growth. Because of this DCF and its Satellites continued under the name Fullgospel Mission Church (FMC). The church has been going forward and following the Spirit of God to win new souls for His Kingdom until present day. (Isaiah 42:6-7)

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Decades later, the same fire is still within this church and it's only getting stronger by the day. Throughout the years, FMC has grown into a multi-generational body of Christ, spanning many ages and nationalities. Young and old are built up to carry out the vision with the common desire to win the souls. With praise, worship and prayer, we lift up the name of Jesus in every gathering. By implementing the G12 Vision in every generation, the leaders of tomorrow are formed to excel in the future of the church. This through Care groups, youth ministries, prayer meetings and the Ladder of Success.

The church today is still impacting the Netherlands and its churches, working together to stir up His revival in this country.