Potential in someone’s life can be developed in many ways, if it is wisely and well developed, it shall produce a qualified and competent person (Proverbs 22:29). 


A couple of Godly ways to develop self potential that can be done: 

  • Expanding the horizon 

  1. The Bible emphasis that fear of The Lord and knowing the Most High is the insight we must have because that is the foundation of our spiritual knowledge (Proverbs 1:7). 

  2. Besides, we must also learn or study the science that will equip us in carrying out our role on this earth (2 Peter 12:5,8).  In 2 Timothy 4:13, we know that Paul was a person who loved reading. By reading he broaden his insights (please keep in mind that he was the apostle who had written 2/3 of the books of the New Testament). As a result Paul became a very influential person in his days. 

  • Following training and educationDaniel 1:20 
    Without diminishing God’s intervention in Daniel’s life, we also believe that Daniel’s excellence and was found to be ten times more intelligent than others, was because he followed his education in Babylon diligently (Daniel 1:20). Learning is a lifetime’s activity and it’s never too late to learn. We would reach our maximal and will certainly bless others. 

  • Study the biography of successful peopleProverbs 27:17 
    We can learn and gain knowledge,m especially from each other. John Wooden once said: Everything we know we learn from others. 

  1. There is nothing wrong with learning from people who have reached certain success so we can learn about how they succeed and what things could we apply to ourselves to develop our potential. 

  2. Set apart certain amount to buy books or to follow special training that can develop our potential (eg: attending G12 conferences, buy existing books, etc.).  


Let us continue developing our potential in this extraordinary year: The Year of Soaring

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