Let us read Matthew 25 : 14-30.

Potential is a capacity, strength, ability and power that allows to be developed.  From the beginning of mankind, God has given them the potential or capacity to develop optimally.


  • Potential can be described as a talent

  1. A person’s talent can be seen from the early age, if it is developed or sharpened on daily basis, then he will eventually become more professional or expert in its field.

  2. There are so many inspirational figures who have physical limitation, but eventually they find their potential and develop them.  Even to be better in its field.

  3. One of them, Lena Maria Kingvall, was born without both arms and with the left foot smaller than normal, however she became a great swimmer.

  4. Self potential can be increased by anyone who realises that he has potential.  Potential increment is not limited by age and is not based on situation, but by determination to fulfill it.

  • Hindrance increases potential

  1. External factors, namely non-supportive situations, conditions and environments.

  2. The internal factors are ignorance, laziness and no determination to develop or improve things.  Yet the main factor is indeed up to yourself.

  • In the Bible, potential can be associated with the parable of the Lord Jesus regarding the talents.
    God gives to each person according to his capacity, the extent to which he can account for and multiply his talents.

    Some are given five, some only two, and other only one.  However, it is unfortunate that the one entrusted with only one talent hid the talent in the ground and therefore he was thrown into the darkest darkness (Matthew 25: 24, 30). 


Let’s “develop your potential” so that we can achieve this year’s theme “THE YEAR OF SOARING”.

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