When we develop our potential, we must know and believe in God´s power. 


  • Our lives are in God’s hands (Ecclesiastes 9:1) 
    Life of a believer is in God’s hands. It means that our lives on earth is a life with God’s strength and His involvement.  

  • Our lives are full of hope (Ecclesiastes 9:4)  
    We should not insult and humiliate a young child from a poor family. Because when he is grown up, he may become a tremendously successful person like Leonardo Del Vecchio (the owner of an optical company Luxoticca). On the other hand, we don’t have to be ashamed if we have nothing. Because there are enough hope and chances left for us. For as long as God gives us life, life in itself is already meaningful. 

  • We live in joy and with satisfaction (Ecclesiastes 9:7) 
    Come, eat your bread with joy and drink your wine (wine here (in Hebrew ‘yayin’) refers to fresh grape juice) with a merry heart! For God is happy with what you are doing (Ecclesiastes 9:9). Let us live a happy life and enjoy with what we have while we are thankful to God.  

  • We have an eye on opportunities in our lives (Ecclesiastes 9:8) 
    We must be prepared whenever the opportunity comes into our lives. Two things that will keep us spry: 

  1. White robes” in the Scriptures refer to devotion, integrity, holiness in moral behavior. 

  2. The “with oil anointed head” does not only stand for willingness, but also for living a life in a positive way. 

  • Giving your best (Ecclesiastes 9:10) 
    Everything we do, we do it in earnest, as hard and as best as we can as we do it for the Lord. (Colossians 3:23). 


Hopefully all of that gives us hope to develop our potential.

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