“Move on!”  is a popular term that expresses an invitation to move on or to change for better (Isaiah 43:18-19).


Let us read from John 20:11-20: “I have seen the Lord!” (verse18)

  • The sense of Loss and disappointment often make it difficult for us to move on (John 20:15).

  1. Mary felt a very deep loss for her Master’s departure. That feeling made her not able to recognize Jesus.  She thought her encounter at the empty tomb was with a watchman.

  2. Grief has taken over the eyes of her heart.  However, Jesus did not let Mary mourn in her sadness. He met Mary, then comforted and strengthened her.  In fact, Jesus gave her the duty to share the good news with the other disciples.

  • Fear

The disciples locked themselves in the house due to fear (John 20:19).  

  1. Fear had taken control over them and made them unable to do anything. It means that fear stops us from moving on and shortage of idea ideas and so forth.

  2. Mary and the disciples experienced the meeting with the Lord that enables them to move away from fear and loss.


Meeting the Lord enables us to “Move On”.  Let us be humble and longing for Him every day (Amos 5:4; 1 Peter 5:6-7; Jeremiah 29:12).

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