Let us read Isaiah 54:1-3 and remember what God has opened for us regarding God’s promise: “Restoration & Abundance”. 



  1. Restoration (verse 1) 

  • In those days infertility was considered disgrace, like Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:5-7.  She felt isolated, demeaned, despiteful and disregarded.  Today there is good news, God wants to change the infertility in a miraculous way. God wants us to experience His promise though the G12 vision that he has given us, that there will be growth in FMC, be it individually or collectively. 

  • “Infertility”, means impossible.  

Infertility in finance, economy, physical matters or spiritual infertility. Care leaders, care meetings will be restored, multiplication of souls will happen (Luke 1:37, Mark 10:37). In God nothing is impossible. 



Let us pray like Jabez, so that God’s plan can be fulfilled in us, we can grow through G12.