Do you know how to increase divine capacity? By the process of crushing and destruction, purification and pruning, the process of humiliation and servitude, and the process of self-denial and killing your ego (Mark 10:43-45, John 12:24).  



  1. Capacity is closely related to our heart and character 
    The more our hearts and characters are like Christ, the more our capacity will increase. The more humble we are as Jesus, the more we love like Jesus (Matthew 23:11, Proverbs 22:4). 

  2.  God is with us 

God helps us through painful processes that will purify us, improve ourselves, make us more like Christ. We see various examples in the Bible such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, and many more – before God used them extraordinary, they had to sacrifice a lot of things, left their comfort zone, (Genesis 12:1-2), sold as slaves and going to prison for slander (Psalms 105:16-22), betrayed and pursued to be killed even though he was not guilty, and much more. Turned out that all of these processes increase / enlarge their capacity so they were ready to do much bigger things. 

Follow the process of God, live this life with humbleness, have a heart ready to be formed, let your ego die and one day, we will walk in their footsteps by glorifying God with much greater thing 



Please read again the theme INCREASE 1-3, may God’s will be done in our lives.

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