Let us read John 15:5-8.  According to the Jewish calendar, we are in the Year of Ayin Tet (5779), this is the Year of God’s Grace, but it also means snake. God wants us to be in His Grace and Wisdom, so that our life and faith will increase. 



In Genesis 32, there are 5 keys that God revealed for us to increase: 

  1. Jacob crossed over (Genesis 32:22) 
    In the months ahead we have to crossover, that to leave our comfort zone.  

    Ask God what “Comfort zone” we have to leave behind, because our “Comfort zone”/ habits are the door to our old cycle. 

  2. Jacob was alone in Jabbok (Genesis 32:22) 
    Just like Jacob, he took a moment to be alone. It’s the time we spend more time with the Lord, where nobody can interfere, where there are only you and the Lord. We shut our eyes and ears for the things around us, so that we can clearly hear what the Lord is telling us. 

    Then we have to go to Jabbok, that mean “empty”. We should empty ourselves like Christ in Philippians 2 and rely only on His grace and not on our knowledge. Do not rely on the strength of money/ others/ anything. Starting this month, let us surrender more to God and lean on His hand, His love and mercy. 

  3. When wrestling with God (Genesis 32:24) 
    It’s the place where Jacob was wrestling with God and did not let God go, before God changed his life. 

    That kind of character is what God wants us to have. Many people have the desire in their hearts, but they do not have the strength to pray and fight until God fulfills their desires. 

    We have to be more powerful, more persistent to seek God and tell Him that we won’t let Him go until He changes our lives. We can’t wrestle with God, if we do not have a strong / steadfast heart.  So now ask the HOLY SPIRIT to help us to have a strong heart, so that we are able to wrestle with God. 



Next week we will continue with two other points. Let us leave our comfort zone and look seriously for God and whole heartedly follow Him, so that an increase in our lives will occur. 

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