Let’s read again John 15:5-8, so that we continue to increase. 



  1. It is time to break our old cycle (Genesis 32:25) 
    When the angel of God knew that he could not win against Jacob, he touched Jacob’s leg, because God knew that was his fortress, he always ran away from the situation, from his brother and uncle, so he never won the situation.  

    God will do the same to us.  Let God destroy our fortress that against us from doing God’s will, be it our money, our intelligence or talent, so that we can win and conquer our situation. 

  2. It is time to see God face to face 
    After Jacob became Israel, he changed the name of the place from Jabbok to Peniel (from emptiness to look at the face of God). 

    We have got the key that if we want to have a more intimate relationship with God, we need to: 

  • empty ourselves 

  • not relying on our own strength 

  • rely on His love. 



Let us increase our faith and spirituality to the extend we experience spiritual “INCREASE”, become a blessing and bring souls to God.

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