Don’t be afraid to start again, let’s read Luke 5:1-6



1. With God 

  • Allow God to enter into the boat of your life (both your heart, your household, your business, etc) just as Peter allowed the Lord Jesus to enter into his boat (Luke 5:3).   

  • Do what He commands 

As Peter heard the Word of God, his faith grew.  So Peter did what God commands and miracles happened (Romans 10:17, Luke 5:5).  

2. Do it again and go to deeper places (Luke 5:4) 

  • As long as we are with God, we need not be afraid to start again.  Whether it is starting a business, work & doing God’s vision. Together with God we will experience a new victory (Psalm 60:12 -EN). 

  • Don’t be afraid to go deeper, or be extra ordinary. We must learn to leave our comfort zone and desire to explore God’s vision (2 Timothy 1:7). 


Let us start this year by increasingly trying to know God and willing to do His word. 

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