Leaving the comfort zone to go to a more comfortable place     (Genesis 12:1-2).


1. What is comfort zone
A comfort zone is a situation where we will not face challenges, no longer fail, or take any risks. In other words, comfort zone is a place where we will no longer depend on God completely.
When we live our daily routine lives for many years, then we may forget that we need God. 

The example of Abraham

a.    God called Abraham into a land he had never seen or heard of before. To convince Abraham, God accompanied him with extraordinary promises, making him a great nation, blessing him, making his name famous and to be a blessing to the nations. 

b.    Abraham is an example of a man who dared to come out of his comfort zone. He chosed to believe in God’s commandments and His faithful promises.

We must understand that when God calls us out of our comfort zone, He is with us with extraordinary promises.


Just like Abraham, let us get out of our comfort zone and entrust our lives to God’s faithful guidance and promises.