After ascending to a higher level, we need to live in this new position and level, so that we will not descent again to the previous level (2 Peter 1:10-11). 



There are a few things we need to keep on increasing: 

  1. Have faith and don’t be discourage 
    - God always provides answers to all the problems we are facing, therefore we must not be in despair and lose hope (Psalms 50:15).   
    - God poured out His Holy Spirit to provide us comfort (John 14:26). 
    - Faith comes from hearing, but faith must be strengthened through words (Romans 10:17, Joshua 1:8, Matthew 17:20). 

  2. Hearing the Lord’s voice 
    In 1 Samuel 3, Samuel ought to hear the voice of God three times before he obeyed it. When even Samuel needs to hear God’s voice, then we too should hear God’s voice to experience God’s complete promise, so that ‘increase’ may occur in our lives (Isaiah 50:4-5, John 10:27). The Holy Spirit makes us more sensitive to God's leading / voice (2 Kings 3:15-18). 



Allow the Holy Spirit to do His role with fulfilling us, so that we will experience the 'fullness' of God's promises (Ephesians 1:13-14).