REPOSITION (3) - Passover


Have a blessed Passover, I believe through God's resurrection we are resurrected as well (Luke 24: 1-12). 



Three important meanings of the Passover.

  1. God's unlimited power (Luke 24:1-6). 

  • The power of the Lord Jesus is unlimited, that is proven this by His rising from the dead. 

  • Whatever our problem might be, the key is: believing that God has risen for us. 

Jesus has overcome the death and the impossibilities. He rose and gave us the chance to experience the resurrection in all cases; in business, health and in everything.

2. Fulfillment of God's Word (Luke 24: 7-8) 
The Bible is God's true Word, it is not a lie. It is a Book that will happen and God's resurrection is the fulfillment of God's Word. What we read today might not be useful for now but one moment it will be useful and fulfilled by God, because God's fulfillment will be revealed one by one. 

 3. God's resurrection is for everybody (Luke 24:10-12) 

To all the same message is given. The message of the Cross (redemption) is the message of salvation, it is not only for a certain group but for all people. Only those who hear and believe will receive the salvation.  



Passover celebration for us is not just hearing a history story but we can experience the resurrection in our lives. Just believe!