Isaiah 54:2-3.  Expansion means there is an act to enlarge. Not only God is needed to fulfill His plan, we also need to respond to it. 



Four things we need to know to experience expansion: 

1. Understand God’s GREAT vision (Genesis 12:2).  
We only need an intimate and deep relationship to understand God’s heart.  It’s the same as if we are building a tower, the higher the tower, the deeper foundation is.   

2. Prepare the HEART (Colossians 3:23–24). 
When our heart is ready, we will be flexible to expand. 

 3. Think BIG (Psalm 119:96). 
We need to challenge ourselves to think and act BIG.   

 4. Be prepared for various kinds of intimidation (Nehemiah 2:10-20).  
As it happened to Jesus when He was born to the world.  He had to flee to Egypt to avoid the chase of Herod.  Therefore do not despair, even when the devil and all his fellows try to bring us down. For the moment we are with Jesus, we are the over winners (Revelation 17:14). 



Experience the EXPANSION.  The LORD JESUS CHRIST is with us all.