“CHRISTMAS” drives out fear (Luke 2:8-20). 


Why we should not be fearful? Because: 

  1. There are good tidings of great joy (Luke 2:10) 
    The world is full of frightening news, bad news, gossip and so on. But we don’t have to be scared as there are tidings of great joy (Isaiah 9:2,5).  

  2. We have a Saviour (Luke 2:11) 
    He is a God who understands our difficulties, who feels our weaknesses and who makes all things work for the good (Romans 8:28). He is God with us (Emmanuel). 

  3. There are heavenly hosts (Luke 2:13). 
    We need not fear because there is God’s protection. He protects us with the army of heaven (Psalms 91).  

  4. There is God’s Glory in the highest (Luke 2:14) 
    God never tests us beyond our strength. No matter how big our problems might be, God is able to reveal His Mighty glory (1 Corinthians 3:10).  

  5. There is peace of God (Luke 2:14) 
    If we want great and eternal peace, we need to make peace with God first. That is the peace that surpasses all understanding, then we can make peace with all other people (Isaiah 54:10). 



If there is the Lord Jesus everything will be good and our lives will become meaningful. Have a blessed Christmas celebration!

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