When in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus is captured by “fear”. At that very moment He stands as the High Priest before God, carrying sins of all mankind on His shoulders, prepares Himself to face death on the cross. The fear Jesus has is not because He has to face death, but because He bears our sins. And sin brings fear into a human life (Genesis 3:7). All this must happen, so that we  that have sinned may come to Jesus without fear. Before His throne we can confess all our sins and receive His forgiveness (1 John 1:9). 



  1. There is a difference between having fear and being controlled by fear 
    Having fear is a normal reaction when we face certain situations. We can be frightened by sudden sirens of a police car that shows up behind us. What have I done wrong? To have fear when we make a mistake, can be useful. We will at least live more carefully from now on. It has become part of human life.  

  2. To have fear is normal, but don’t get used to it 
    That is to say that fear is not to be avoided. But our lives should not be controlled by fear, so that all our thoughts and actions are influenced by feelings of fear or negativity. 

  3. Fear should be part of our normal emotional response 
    If it becomes a binding force, it means slavery. A life that is bound by another power. Therefore, it is time for us to be set free from that yoke! 

  4. What should we do? 
    Focus your eyes and mind on and the almighty and faithful God (Psalm 56:4)! David teaches us how to use our fear to turn to God. 



When we receive Jesus as our personal saviour, attend services of worship and hold on to His Word, then we will walk in bravery.

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