Ladder of Success


The process is initiated with Pre-Encounter classes, providing insights to help understand the true meaning of salvation.


One weekend, one life-defining encounter with God. The sharing sessions contain the fundamentals of who God is, who you are and your new-found identity in Him.


With an identity now planted in God, the next step is to discover His will over your life and learn how to live in this world, while being steadfast in your faith.

SOL Series

Being a member of Gods church, it is essential to grasp and adopt the vision to serve others. These classes touch on wide-varying topics, including relationships, families, evangelism, ministry and an introduction on leadership.


Every person is called by God to become a competent leader – someone who can carry others in the vision. New responsibilities come and new challenges will definitely cross your path. These Pre-Leader classes are here to build up and solidify your calling as a leader.


As you have been mentored into leadership, it is time to win new souls for His kingdom and in turn raise them to become the next leaders. These classes prepare you to effectively serve others, as God wants to send you out into the world to do His work.